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InShot_20240323_003047978 - Rahime MUTLU

Rahime HAPPY

Why Joined This Program!

I have had the opportunity to take part in many projects so far. But I don't feel fully competent to present them. In this work, I want to open myself to criticism and improve.

Presentation Techniques Group Work

We Asked Why We Should Be a Reference!

I am a responsible person. In addition to my own responsibilities, I like to embrace and help my teammates who need help. I am a planned, punctual and programmed person. I can provide effective leadership based on task sharing. I am someone who can learn easily. I like to work in a disciplined manner. I can provide different perspectives and ideas in problem solving. In my experience so far, I have never left any task unfinished. I can say that my basic perspective is to bring the project to a conclusion and produce benefits in every regard. If I had to say one clear characteristic, I am a detail oriented person. I discuss the issue/problem in full detail. In most work environments, the problem is addressed superficially and only cosmetic solutions are produced. It is not looked at in detail. I like to be realistic, even if the situation is negative. I can say that this is my main difference.

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