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VR Goggles

Bahtiyar ÖZTÜRK

Why Joined This Program!

To understand the issue of efficiency while improving my presentation ability and to pave the way for learning the lean subject from the expert in the master-apprentice relationship. In this way, to bring my own business and enterprise closer to possible successful results.

Presentation Techniques Group Work

We Asked Why We Should Be a Reference!

Selfless work, paying attention not only to the aspect of the job that looks after me but also to all aspects for its overall success, taking initiative in areas where initiative can be taken, honesty according to my environment, being able to say "I can't do it, I will learn and learn to do it" (asking for help from experts if time is limited), keeping the issue of sustainability at the forefront in design, etc. It can be summarized as: effort to produce cost-effective scenarios.

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