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Training on Detecting and Eliminating Process Inefficiencies: Improve Your Business Processes!

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Waste with Effective Analysis!

Effective business processes are the key to a competitive advantage. Identify waste in your business processes, increase efficiency and reduce costs with Process Inefficiency Detection and Elimination Training.

This training provides the strategies needed to analyze your business processes, identify improvement opportunities and ensure continuous improvement.


Purpose of Education

  • In work benches, which are the smallest building block for the productivity transformation of the workplace, the operator is taught to analyze robot movements and experience efficiency gains by saving on these movements .

With this training;​

  • Reduce costs by identifying inefficiencies in your business processes.

  • Use resources more effectively by reducing waste.

  • Shorten delivery times by streamlining your processes.

  • Increase team productivity by improving your employees' analytical skills.

  • Create a faster and more flexible business structure by gaining competitive advantage.


Participant Profile

  • Production and operations managers

  • Business development professionals

  • Quality control experts

  • project managers

  • senior managers

  • Process development teams

This training is an opportunity not to be missed for anyone who wants to maximize efficiency and achieve sustainable success.



You just need to be willing.


Educational content

Theoretical Day:

  • The Importance and Impact of Process Efficiency

  • Defining and Classifying Inefficiencies

  • Types of Waste and Their Causes

  • Tools and Techniques for Detecting Inefficiencies

  • Productivity Analyzes and Improvement Strategies

  • Continuous Improvement with Kaizen Approach

  • Removing Obstacles in Workflows and Speeding Up Processes

Application Day:

  • Analyzing selected mail at Work

  • Creating an action plan to make mail more efficient

  • Dissemination of gains


Training Organization

Education Code 2003

Training Duration : 1 Day Theoretical, 1 Day Field Practice

Number of Participants 2-20 People

Training Location Will Be Notified in the Invitation

Training can only be requested theoretically.

There is a message from education!

Perfect Your Business Processes with Effective Analysis!

Examine Processes, Eliminate Waste, Increase Efficiency!

Improve Processes with the Power of Analysis, Be Competitive!

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