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5S and Visual Management Training: Visualize Efficiency in the Space!

Transform Your Business Processes with Theoretical and Applied Training!

Effective work processes and organized work areas are the key to success.

End irregularities in your workplace, increase efficiency and strengthen employee participation with 5S and Visual Management Training.

This training enables you to transform your business with both theoretical knowledge and real business applications.


Purpose of Education

  • For the productivity transformation of the workplace, visual management and process order must be standardized. By carrying out this step, the institution's continuous development strategy, quality and cost performance, and optimization of labor times are provided as a basis .

With this training;​

  • Create an effective working environment by ending disorder in your workplace.

  • Reduce delivery times by optimizing your workflow.

  • Encourage teamwork by increasing your employees' participation.

  • Increase quality and reduce costs by reducing errors.

  • Achieve a sustainable transformation by combining efficiency and visual management.


Participant Profile

  • Production and operations managers

  • Business development professionals

  • Quality control experts

  • project managers

  • senior managers

  • Process development teams

This training is an opportunity not to be missed for anyone who wants to maximize efficiency and achieve sustainable success.



You just need to be willing.


Educational content

Theoretical Day:

  • What is 5S? (Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke)

  • Benefits of 5S and Its Effect on Business Processes

  • Visual Management: The Importance of Directing by Seeing

  • The Role of Order and Cleanliness in the Workplace

  • Implementation of 5S and Visual Management Principles

Application Day:

  • Application Scenarios at Work

  • Organizing and Creating a Toard Area (Seiri)

  • Positioning Items Regularly (Seiton)

  • Integration of Cleaning and Maintenance into Workflow (Seiso)

  • Standardization and Ensuring Discipline (Seiketsu)

  • Assuring Continuity and Improvement (Shitsuke)

  • Preparation of Visual Management Tools and Dashboards

  • Transformation of the Workplace with Participants


Training Organization

Education Code 2002

Training Duration : 1 Day Theoretical, 1 Day Field Practice

Number of Participants 2-20 People

Training Location Will Be Notified in the Invitation

There is a message from education!

5S and Visual Management: Revolutionize Your Workplace!

Meet 5S and Visual Management for a Better Work Environment!

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