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Lean Production & Management Awareness Training

Increase Efficiency, Reduce Waste, Increase Your Competitiveness!

Success in the modern business world requires continuous improvement and increased productivity. This is exactly where Lean Production and Management Techniques come into play.

This training offers the strategies and methods necessary to optimize your business processes, use resources effectively and adopt a customer-focused approach.


Purpose of Education

  • Reduce costs by minimizing waste in your business processes.

  • Increase customer satisfaction by improving product and service quality.

  • Reduce delivery times by making your workflows more fluid and efficient.

  • Increase collaboration and creativity by encouraging your employees' participation.

  • Increase your market share by gaining competitive advantage.


Participant Profile

  • Production and operations managers

  • Business development professionals

  • Quality control experts

  • project managers

  • senior managers

  • Process development teams

This training is an opportunity not to be missed for anyone who wants to maximize efficiency and achieve sustainable success.



You just need to be willing.


Educational content

  • What is Lean Production and Management?

  • Basic Lean Principles and Philosophy

  • Value Stream Mapping and Identification of Waste

  • Kaizen and Continuous Improvement Approach

  • Order, Visual Management and Efficiency with 5S Applications

  • Achieving Zero Defects by Correcting and Standardizing Workflow

  • Jidoka and Andon: Automation and Troubleshooting System

  • Kanban System and Reducing/Managing Stock

  • The Importance of Lean Leadership and Team Participation

  • Quality Management with Problem Solving Techniques

  • TQM | Management by Goals


Training Organization

Education Code 2001

Training Duration 1 Day

Number of Participants 2-20 People

Training Location Will Be Notified in the Invitation

There is a message from education!

It's time to increase efficiency and optimize your business processes. Take your step into the future with Lean Production and Management Techniques Training. Sign up now to participate and start transforming your business!

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